Poultry Hatchery

To build a world-class modern worry-free poultry hatchery.
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To build a world-class modern worry-free poultry hatchery
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To build a world-class modern worry-free poultry hatchery
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A high technology company specializing in integrated incubation systems.

Based on the 30 years of incubator R&D experience from our technical team, we have developed the advanced integrated hatchery system as follows: the single stage incubators with different egg capacity, butterfly ventilation tunnel incubator, the air handling system and automation system for hatchery. Our unique patented butterfly ventilation mode leads the innovation of incubator design in the world.

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Our Incubator

Creativity makes future. Regal Electronic looks forward to a win-win partnership with you.

REGAL BFV Multi-stage Tunnel Incubator

◆ No high temperature points at the Mid Stage.
◆ Negligible temperature differential (< 0.2℃ or 0.36°F) at the Early Stage.
◆ No change in hatching procedure.
◆ Short hatching window and increase salable grade A chicks by at least.


The BFV design divided the machine into two parts then airflow distance only half than some other machine, ensuring the proper air velocity to achieve an even temperature field. The temperature difference is below 0.3℃ in the hatching area without dead corners which could makes chick quality better.

REGAL SHL Single-stage Incubator

◆ Two rows of back-to-back fans in the middle chamber.
◆ Air is pushed with proper velocity towards both sides of the incubator, with a short-range-airflow penetrating all the hatching eggs evenly.
◆ Early stage and late stage temperature differentials is less than 0.36°F, and 0.54°F, respectively.

REGAL Multifunctional Box-type Incubator

◆ Control panel: Touch screen intelligent control panel 
◆ Sensor: Temperature sensor (Texas Instrument) and humidity sensor (SENSIRION) are high precision, free of calibration
◆ Fan motor: 3-phases asynchronous motor (ECM energy saving motor available)

Day Old Chicken Vaccine Injector

Our Pneumatic Injector for day-old chicken is one of the most advanced in the field. The device is assembled with Japanese components which ensure a smooth and trouble-free operation.

Regal Spray Immunization Machine

Regal Spray Immunization Machine is a semi-automatic box type spray immunization machine, which is suitable for spray immunization of poultry vaccine for day-old chickens.

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