The secret of raising hatching rate and selecting eggs by hatching machine

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  Recently, many customers have asked me whether it is OK to directly find farmers to collect eggs when incubators are available, so that I can collect hundreds of eggs at one time, can I?

  Tell you that you can only meet the following conditions:

  First of all, if the incubator hatches the seed eggs that can be used instead of the eggs we buy to eat.

  The chicken raised by farmers who sell seed eggs must have a rooster, and the ratio of hen to rooster is about 1:10;

  Seed eggs must not have been exposed to rain, because the fertilized rate of the seed eggs exposed to rain may be reduced due to catching cold;

  The seed eggs stored by farmers for hatching in the incubator must not exceed 7 days, and more than one week will also affect the fertilization rate;

  The storage place of the eggs used for hatching in the incubator must not be placed directly on the lime floor, but must be placed in the cartons or places with straw, suitable for keeping the eggs warm;

  The above is a little skill for selecting breeding eggs when incubating with incubators. I hope it can help all the friends who breed and incubate eggs. In fact, breeding eggs are also very small babies. Only when we protect them properly can they produce naturally!